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You can use the internet for many academic purposes. You can research many different topics over the internet. In order to find the best results, you should evaluate the web pages before you click on the links. You should examine the links before you click on them. You should also look at the synopsis of the URL link as well. You should ask yourself, “what can this URL tell me?”, “what insight does the synopsis give me?” You should always make sure that when writing to an audience, you should make sure you use the right tone of voice. Using the right tone of voice with the right audience, will help the audience to understand the assignment better. If you was writing a formal letter, you would use proper spelling and grammar. If you was writing to a classmate, friend, or family member you would not have to be formal and use proper spelling and grammar. When writing to a classmate, friend, or family member you can abbreviate your words as much as you can.
Some technological tools available to University of Phoenix students are: the University of Phoenix library, student workshops, career services, center for writing, student resource guide, etc. I have used some of these tools, and I feel that they are very useful. I took one of the student workshops, and I learned a lot from it and I passed it. In the student workshops you have no discussion questions and no class participation points to worry about. You can use the University of Phoenix library to conduct academic research by, clicking on the library tab on the student website. You can use different databases to do research through the library. The databases help you to locate different topics by all the keywords or just topics similar to what you are searching for. You can locate the center for writing excellence and the center for mathematics excellence by, clicking on the library tab on the student website. The center for writing excellence can help you with an assignment. You can submit a paper to be reviewed, and then it will tell you how much of your paper is your original words and ideas. The center for mathematics can help you with your math skills by providing live math tutoring, and help with refreshment on how to do different math skills.
In order to uphold academic honesty, you have to understand the University of Phoenix’s academic honesty policy. It is important to submit work that represents your original words or ideas. If you use any words or ideas in a class posting or assignment submission that do not represent your original words or ideas, you must properly cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources were used. It is important to understand the consequences of plagiarism. Some consequences are: failing grade for the paper, failing grade for the class, warning letter, etc. It is important to avoid plagiarism by, including a citation for any ideas that are not your own which you obtained from a source, adding citation with a page or paragraph number for a direct quotation, etc. You should never write a paper using someone else’s words and ideas, without using citation to give them credit for it.
You should set long-term and short-term educational and career goals for yourself. Your long-term goals should be something that you want to accomplish in the future. Some examples of some long-term goals would be to finish school, get my degree, find a good job with my degree, etc. Your short-term goals should be goals that will not take a long time to finish. Some examples of short-term goals would be to finish all school assignments, get rid of all distractions, get around all obstacles, etc. In order to reach your goals, you have to go through some obstacles to get there. In order to get around