The Benefits Of Online Shopping

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The community I want to focus on for this is online shoppers, the reason for this is because there are a lot of people who do online shopping because they do not have much time in their day or it is easier for them to have items delivered to their footstep. There are people who leave for work in the morning and come home at night, by this time they are either to tired or the stores are closed for them to shop. This blog would help people be more efficient with their time when it comes to online shopping and offer them tips with the latest sites that offer good products that do not have a great reach or have marketing investment.
The person who would be responsible for creating this content would either be a third party company or a hired blogger especially for the online site. The people who are under the staff tech support could also do this, but they would need to have writing skills and would need blogging skills. The content that would be created would be in the range of what sites are good for online shopping, what type of sites to trust, or what you should look for when trying to determine if a site is fraud or it is reliable. Maybe blog about the top sites that offer quality products, blog about stuff that would help online shoppers be more efficient and effective with online shopping. The people who like to shop online a lot would be the people who would make comments, or people who are against online shopping would comment.


User 1: This person is a 35-year-old male who works in the corporate world that has so much pressure on him that he gets to the office at 8 am and leaves the office at 8 pm. This person works down town and has to take the train there and back. By the time this person is back in town all stores are closing and he cannot buy the stuff he needs.