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Final Project Timeline
Final Project Timeline
Amanda Arro
Tracy Doro-Krueger

Every human in the world are complex and we all feel, behave, think and look different. There are researchers and psychologist that been researching the human developmental patterns, to see how certain experiences and processes affect the way each human handle certain things that happen in their life. There are different ways determining they way that the human learns and remembers, our personality and attitudes and also what motivates humans. To help better understand these different experiences and processes, this will compare and contrast the same myself to a female named Sara. I got her permission to interview her for this project. We are both around the same age, have similar circumstances and gender.
For humans it is important for us to know how we learn. Once we can understand the human process on how we learn we can then build on this information that we found out to help learn better and more efficiently. One way we learn in through behavior, which can be rewards or punishment for a certain behavior such as operant conditioning. Another learning is cognitive learning this is when we learn something but the process is not directly observed because of the internal mental process. One example of cognitive learning can be that when a kid is driving with their parents then they may notice their parent stops at red lights. The child will learn that when they see a red light it means to stop but the child does not stop the vehicle so that means the learned rule is not observable. Memory Learning Intelligence:
What is the easiest way for you to learn, in a classroom or online?
Sara- I completed my AA in a classroom and I went to school Monday –Thursday, now I have to get my work done in certain time frame but I can work on it when I have the spare time available. You know how hard that can be finding the spare time with a child. For me I would say learning in a classroom hos been easier because I like to be able to put my full attention on my learning and not having to stop to help my son.
Me- I have never been in a classroom for college I have only learned in a classroom while I was in elementary school, now that I do the online college and I compare to the elementary school learning I would say online for me is easier, for Sara and I having to do the work on our time is why I like learning online. Having 4 kids, and being a stay at home can be challenging but being to get my work done when I can and do it from home is easier for me. That way I get to stay home with the kids and not leave the house.

Do you think being around people is easier or harder to learn?
Sara- depends if I’m going to school online or in a classroom, if I’m going to school in a classroom then I can buddy up with the students in class and we can learn together if not teach each other a thing or two. The going to school online it is better to learn alone and not be around people.
Me- I find it easier to learn when I’m alone and in a quite setting, when I have people around or the tv going and people talking I get distracted very easily and forgot what I just read and what I was going to write. When people are around it is hard to learn and stay focused.

What are the easiest ways for you to study?
Sara- When Carson is sleeping and I have to quite time to study. If he awake he needs my full attention always so it hard for me to stay focused on hold the information that I need to.
Me- Sara and I felt the same about question when it is quite we feel that we can learn and stay focused better and is able to store the information needed for what we are studying. When I have loud noises and the kids going the crazy it is hard for me to concentrate.

Cognition, problem solving:
Do you have any views on operant conditioning? Can you think of any personal examples of anything in life of operant conditioning?
Sara- I don’t really views