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Project Part 3

Methamphetamines (Meth) cause a wide array of problems with its users, a lot of which are permanent. Meth’s affects range from neurological issues, alertness, paranoia, and aggression. It also leads to psychological and physical disorders. Because Meth is a stimulant, it can cause the user to be up for days and even weeks at a time causing stress to the body and can result in over exerting oneself and inevitably something will give. Personal problems from users will be talked about, as well as scientific studies on the Meth epidemic. Meth was originally used for medical purposes; it was used to help treat narcolepsy (wanting to sleep), obesity (being overweight), and Attention Deficit
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Part of the reason that meth is also very hard on the body is that when taken it can cause an eight to twelve hour insomnia period. This time of insomnia is when the users are typically more violent, and when the insomnia starts to wear off they get very tired and depressed. The issue with this feeling is that the user will then dose again, to feel better and so on and so forth. Meth users that do this have been known to be up in excess of three to five days. In March of 2006, the United States of America signed an Act that bans the sale of any over the counter drug that contain pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is the main ingredient in medication for sinus colds such as Sudafed. Sudafed is the medication that is used to produces the toxic drug methamphetamine. Within the act are rules and regulations for individuals and businesses. Businesses are to keep all medication within a locked storage box or behind the counter. When an individual purchases the medication, the seller has to keep a log record of the purchase with signatures for two years. Individuals buying this medication have to have a valid form of Identification and are only allowed to buy a certain limit per month. The Act requires that the limit be 9.0 grams or less per month. When an individual is caught producing methamphetamine with in a location of children then that person get a harder sentence of an additional 20 years in prison. With the prison having more drug related inmates