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Final Project
William Bachman
October 5, 2014
Tiffenia Archie
Final Project
Throughout this course I have studied diversity and learned many different aspects of diversity. The United States is often thought of as a melting pot of a nation, and for the most part that perception is correct. That does not mean that we are perfect, I would say that we still have a long way to go. One fact that struck me is while I had known that Jim Crowe laws were designed to segregate not only African Americans but others as well. One surprise was that California, now seen as a beacon of an open and free area of the nation it at the time of Jim Crowe had the most Jim Crow laws on the books. “People who emigrate to a new country are often in the minority in that new country” (Shaefer. T. 2012). Even more shocking to me was what I learned about my own heritage and some of the tribulations that I had only heard some rough stories of but once I studied what happened it became apparent to me. Ben Franklin had a deep disdain for Germanic people that is evident from numerous writings of his. While that was somewhat known to me what also is not talked about that I now have a reverence for is the fact that Germans were constantly looked upon as threats during World War One and Two. This is not too dissimilar to the way Muslims are viewed since the attacks on 9/11. The great thing about our country is that the demographics in this country are constantly shifting, making the United States what we are and have always been a nation made up of immigrants. The latest projections is that we will be a majority minority country by 2050. What a majority minority population means is that there will more people that are nonwhite and of European decent. Immigration will continue to grow, right now the fastest growing segment of our population right now is the Latino population in our country. You often here this mentioned in political debates where immigration is often a hot button issue, in fact the Latino population is credited with its help in the election and subsequent reelection. The reason I believe this will continue is the fact that we are a nation of immigrants but that is not the only reason this will continue. Political and economic strife in Latin American countries also will contribute to people from these countries migrating to the United States for the opportunity that we afford in this country regardless where a person comes from but the real story is not new immigrants, but their children, who will be the main engine of growth. By 2050, there'll be more second generation Hispanics than first” WIle (2012). This will present many different challenges to our country forward. One of the main problems is that a segment of our population will resist or see change as “not their country”. All a person has to do is look at the debate that is ongoing with our country on fixing our immigration system to allow more people from other countries enter our country legally. While a segment of our population will always resist immigration and diversity in our society there are many benefits that come along with having a diverse and robust society. One such advantage would be the wealth of ideas that only a society is robust and diverse can bring forth. Several great works of art have come from various communities such as rich religious art, or technological innovations. Such innovations can only come from a society that is religiously, culturally, and ethnically diverse society. Also learning other customs of other ethnicities is invaluable education for any person to learn because it gives you an appreciation for people who don’t think the way you do. To achieve this ideal society we must foster a society of openness and tolerance. We must accept a cultural pluralism in our society, even our founders knew this as it is written in our Constitution. It is written in our First Amendment with freedom of expression and freedom of religion. There are