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For this project I’m working with Emily Zaccone and Mark Rubinstein. Our assigned location is 196 Grand Street Waterbury, CT. We have decided and think this space is perfect for a beauty salon. Choosing the right location is very important when opening a business. Location is critical to the success of our business. 196 Grand Street is a high-traffic area. This helps our business because people usually visit busy streets like this one. We will have easy access for our customers. If parking is a hassle and traffic is thick on the way to our salon, people might not consider it worth the effort. From the point that customers enter our salon to the point they exit they should be presented with an environment that is clean, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Salon customers expect cleansiness. We will make sure that all floors are sweeped in between customers. And towels, trimmers and other equipment are washed and fresh for new customers. We will have comfortable couches and furniture in the waiting areas. Offer magazines and coffee table books for reading. Anything we can do to make our salon more comfortable and relaxing will help retain customers and gain new ones. Our salon is going to be a full service beauty salon with a bar inside, which will only offer high-class alcohol. The success of our salon will be directly linked to our ability to satisfy our customers. There is no better way to retain existing customers than to have them leave happy on every visit. And