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I. Environmental Analysis : (A) External Analysis - 1. Macro - the general environment a. economy - b. political - c. legal - approximately 10,000 employees in 2013; non were covered by a collective bargaining agreement; safety is embodied in the hiring, training, and review processes; motor vehicle records are reviewed to ensure a minimum safe driving record of one or two years (driving records, proof of insurance); not aware of any environmental laws (federal, state or local) that will affect the earnings or competitive positions, or result in capital expenditures; cannot predict the effect of the possible future environmental legislation or regulations; no capital expenditures for environmental control facilities were established and none are anticipated in 2014; subjected to a number of privacy and data protection laws and regulations globally, landscape for privacy and data protection continues to evolve both legislatively and regulatory, an increase in attention given to the issues with the possibility to affect the business including the recently enacted laws and regulations (both US and internationally), must notify individuals and government authorities if security breaches involve certain types of personal information d. sociocultural - e. technology - f. global - g. natural - 2. Micro - the immediate business environment a. customers - b. competitors - biggest competitors are Pizza Hut, Papa John’s International, Inc., Pizza Inn Holdings, Inc., Little Caesars; c. channels - d. suppliers - e. publics - (B) Internal Analysis - 1. Resources - a. profitability - b. sales - domestic stores contributed 5.5 % of all retail sales to support national and local advertising campaigns; rate should remained unchanged for the foreseeable future; mass-mail flyers promoting specials at the local stores c. product quality brand associations - d. existing overall brand - e. relative cost of new product - f. employee capability - g. product portfolio analysis - 2. Capabilities - a. strengths - b. weaknesses - c. problems -