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Isabella K. Makowski N.
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No man’s land
How the world failed Rwanda

During the Rwanda Genocide in 1994, the rights of the people of a whole country dissapeared during a period of 100 days. The slaughther and cruelty from the Hutus against the Tutsis was outrageous. But worst than what was happening inside Rwanda was the behaviour of the word towards this mass killing.
One of the factors most criticized during this act of cruelty was the response of the U.N. (united nation) during the crisis and all the mistakes they comitted during the masacre.
The world continuosly believes that the U.N. is beyond corruption and fallacies due to the constants values and principles they spread. But what about the Rwanda butchery?. How could the continuos misdjugments of the U.N. secretary Kofi Annan can be supported? If he knew about the massacre that was going to happen why did he not try to prevent it?.
Other factor that is going to be analyzed and criticized is the inmaculate reponse of peace, principle , proposals and solutions that are never followed by actions. A group of people believes that actions and not words are the ones that can measure the failures and succes of the U.N..
My proposal is criticizing the behavior of the world and the U.N. during the Genocide from different points of view.

Some of the sources that are going to be used: