Final Public Relations Campaign: Kudler Fine Foods

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Final Public Relations Campaign: Kudler Fine Foods xxx, xxx, xxx & xxx
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Final Public Relations Campaign: Kudler Fine Foods
Executive Summary
Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing the best products to their customers at prices that will meet any budget. Kudler offers bakery and pastry products, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments and packaged foods and cheese and specialty dairy products. Kudler also offers a wide selection of wines. Kudler has grown since it first opened its doors in 1998. In 2000, Kudler expanded and opened a store in Del Mar and three years later a store in Encinitas. Kudler is faced with positioning itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace and expanding our inventory to include even more international specialty products. Kudler will need to develop strategies and tactics that will help it in achieving the objectives necessary in becoming the leader it strives to be in embracing diversity. Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman & Toth (2007) state “strategies can refer to the type or emphasis of a message, the way we want to approach a task, or a variety of things…however, in this context a strategy is a way or ways you are going to accomplish your objectives” (p. 117). Public relations will help Kudler in achieving this goal but several issues will need to be considered. Kudler’s public relations campaign will need to identify their target audience, discuss the ethical implications related to the PR issues, develop a market research plan, analyze how this campaign will affect the marketing function of the organization and discuss proactive and reactive public relations. As stated earlier, strategies will need to be put in place in Kudler’s public relations campaign. These strategies and tactics will include listing the organization’s objectives of their PR campaign, identify their publics and risks in the strategy, creating a media release and identifying a media distribution list as well as developing a tactical plan utilized PR tools which include event planning, community event, sponsorship, direct mail, and internet. The last phase of Kudler’s public relations campaign will further analyze the impact of ethical considerations and impact of technology considerations. Kudler will need to also analyze globalization considerations and develop a crisis management plan and budget.
Public Relations Issues
Kudler Fine Foods’ mission is “Our selections, coupled with our experienced, helpful and knowledgeable staff, merge to offer each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping outing” (KFF, 2010, para. 3). Kudler has clearly made their customer satisfaction top priority. The company’s website has a survey where customers can go on to voice their opinions. Kudler uses the survey to identify public relations issues such as shopping needs of customers, store atmosphere, customer service, and even products selection for the company. For many people, the focus is to eat and stay healthy. Nowadays, more people want to see healthier foods on the grocery store shelves. Kudler foods have a wide range of diverse foods but the public had noticed it lacked nutritious foods. The company at the present time has to find better means in choosing healthier diverse foods to satisfy their loyal customers. Next, Kudler will identify and analyze its target audience.
Target Audience
It will be very important for Kudler Fine Foods to research and select their target audience for the public relations campaign. Kudler Fine Foods’ goal is to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace by offering products that will appeal to all cultures and backgrounds and having employees that are diverse in their backgrounds. As previously noted, Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store. They offer a wide variety of wines and foods. There are five basic steps that can be used in reaching out target audience