Final Reflection

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Final Reflection Throughout my four years of being in high school, I was able to accomplish important skills that will benefit me for everyday living. Two essential skills that I acquired are to listen actively and speak clearly and coherently, and demonstrate personal management and teamwork skills. These skills have been developed in Science and Math Investigative Experiences (SMILE), soccer, Certified Nurse Assistant program (CNA), and everyday class. When in SMILE we are able to work in teams with each one contributing ideas for the group. In soccer we are expected to communicate and listen to our teammates, if there is a lack of communication within us, we will not be able to score a goal. Some skills that were required in the CNA program …show more content…
After graduating high school I will attend Treasure Valley Community College and begin my career in Early Childhood Education. Before pursuing my career, I will need to apply for FAFSA, OSAC, and The Oregon Promise and other kinds of financial aid or scholarships to help me fund for my studies. My goals for ensuring success is to stay on task, getting my work done on time, having a positive attitude, asking questions and to not procrastinate. I will not let myself fall back and procrastinate in college because I will make it a habit of waiting last minute to get things done. In class I will try my best to ask as many questions as I can so I can understand more. Throughout everything I will keep a positive attitude. Some of my personal goals while attending college is, even though I will busy with homework would be to stay healthy and work out and be fit. Also, another personal goal is to spend as many time with my family and my boyfriend. Spending time with the people I love will help me as a stress relief because college work can be hard, as experienced with my older sister. At the same time while attending I will get to meet other people and making