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Summarization of initial report
Our initial idea is to conceptualize a restaurant that is new and innovative. There are several reasons why we chose to do this. First off, we had to look at our group and find some commonality between us as a whole. After discussing, we found that one thing we all shared in common was food. Some members of our group have a background in Chinese cuisine from working at a Chinese establishment, others have a passion for Indian food, and another has a Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Institute of Canada. So the concept was basically how we could utilize all of our skills to form some sort of harmonious product. So then we decided that we would make a fusion style restaurant. In addition, the restaurant will be a totally new kind of restaurant so we believe that with this idea we can appeal to the local marketplace. Our restaurant will be situated downtown and our food style will combine both Chinese and Indian food with an eastern twist so that it is familiar to locals yet original at the same time. This will be the first restaurant of its kind in the city, and the province for that matter. To add to the new style of food, we are to incorporate Hibachi style cooking as well to provide entertainment for the guests as they wait for their meal. As a bonus to the style of food offered, we, as a restaurant, will be supporting the health conscious lifestyle by offering many dishes that are low in fat, low calorie, etc. In terms of design, we plan to have a very modern, swanky, and chic restaurant that proves to be a total change from anything you have seen before. This restaurant will be inviting and comfortable while at the same time providing touches of ethnic flare with pieces from Asia and India resulting in a cultural blend.

We will specialize in Asian/Indian cuisine and offer a new form of buffet style lunch, but not the traditional buffet that most are used to. For example, our buffet will range from Chinese food, sushi, tartars, soups, tandori style chicken, curries, etc. and instead of your typical buffet style line up, you will be served by one of our delightful wait staff. The food has been chosen on the menu for its high efficiency and high quality, guaranteeing a speedy lunch allowing busy professionals and students to get back to work or school on time. The restaurant’s kitchen will be opened everyday beside certain holidays from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and the longue and bar will provide cocktails until 2am. The pricing will be range depending on availability of product, time reason, etc.
We will engage our cooks from China and India, also hiring students from culinary school looking for apprenticeships. We will have 3-5 cooks on at most times depending on the amount of covers in the restaurant and how busy it is. Every cook`s pay will range from 10-18 dollars an hour depending on skill set. We will have sections for the Chinese food, curry, and for sushi, another for the meat, fish, sauce and grill, and another for the cold sections otherwise known as salads or entremetier and another for fryers and appetizers and then the hibachi chefs themselves and a swing cook to help when it gets busy in various sections. We will have a waiter for every 6 tables (usually 6-10 at a time depending on day of the week and season), and then 2 bartenders. Our origin food will be ordered from Sysco, bought at Costco, famer’s market and our seafood will be bought daily from local purveyors to ensure high quality. Prep will start in the morning at 8 am; ensuring food is ready for lunch time and at the end of each night all sections will be topped off.

Our restaurant operates both Chinese and Indian food. Here in St. John`s there are lots of Chinese and Indian restaurants and the number is increasing every day because of the demand so we decided to combine the two in a way that is pleasant and harmonious. Our customer base will not