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Quan Lam
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Obama’s Health Care Reform
As we know that insurance is so expensive in the United States. According to "Health Care Opposing Viewpoints," there are 42.5 million people who are uninsured in 2001 (Lisa and Adria 33). Most American gets their health coverage from their employer, but others are not. A small number of people can afford to buy their own health insurance; however, most people are still uninsured. Because of this fact, president Barack Obama signed an Affordable Care Act, and it also was called Obamacare, which provided health insurance to all American who are uninsured. This law especially was offered for low and middle-income people. On the other hand, some people in Republican Party argue with this law. They believe Obamacare will ruin the economy of America. This research will argue that Obama’s health care reform is a good solution for all American even though there are some troubles with it.
There are many books, magazines, etc.. show the serious problems of uninsured American. In the book, "Health Care Reform and American Politics: What Everyone Needs To Know," written by Lawrence R. Jacobs and Theda Skocpol, is about the president Barack Obama was telling a real story to prove that America need to make health care affordable for all the residents live in the United States. In this book, Obama showed a man who lived in afraid of loosing his house because his three children had a cystic fibrosis. Even though the man spent all the money he had to pay for his children health care bills, but he still could not pay enough the medical bill for the hospital (pg35). Through out this real story, Obama wanted to point out that sickness may cost anything from people if they are uninsured. Other, according to Roni Caryn Rabin ,in the article, “Hospitalized Children without Insurance Are More Likely to Die,” is about children without insurance live shorter than children who has insurance coverage. Roni noted that there is almost one thousand children who lacked of insurance died every year. Also, she researched that insured children are less likely to die in the hospital than 60 percent of kid who doesn't have insurance (Roni 1). Will children die if their parents don't have any afford to pay for health insurance in the future? I believe there are many poor will die because of this health issues, and lacking of medical attention. Therefore, most American should need a full insurance coverage as Obamacare, and this is the opportunity that Barack Obama is giving out for American to get a better life. Thus, American should be considering carefully about Obama's health care reform.
Today, America has a plenty of problems with health care. Especially, the medicine and insurance keep increasing for all family. (America’s Movement). It's so hard for people to have job during this struggling economy. Unfortunately, if people get fired with their job, they'll lose their health coverage from their company. According to The Weakonomist, this blogger compare the police with health coverage to describe the America's health care system. He or she describes a man paid the bill every month for access to use the police. But once he lost his job, and could not afford to pay for the bill. Because of this fact, this man could not get service when he called to 911. (Weakonomist). This blogger wants to show people that paying for health insurance as same as paying for the police bill. If you lose the job, and can not afford to pay for the insurance bill, you'll end up with no service. In my opinion, I can say health insurance is a necessary thing for all people. During lifetime, we cannot expect how our health's condition will happen in the future. Sometime sickness and accidents happen suddenly, and this is really hard, and costly to deal with it, especially for uninsured people. Therefore, the goal of Obama’s health care reform is extend the number of Americans covered by health insurance, and helps all