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Kyle Jensen
Jason Romero
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February 15, y
Final Paper Rhetorical Analysis “What He Said,” by Barrack Obama is the ad I chose. The ad is about Barrack Obama saving the auto industry. It is important to know what happened and how he helped save the auto industry and in this article by Jon Greenberg it helps bring to light what Obama had done.
“In 2008 the auto industry was in bad shape. Layoffs in the industry were on track to reach 250,000 workers. General Motors was virtually out of cash to pay its bills and Chrysler was not far behind. Beyond the immediate job loss, there would be a partial collapse of the supplier industry that would lead to a fifty percent drop in production at Ford and American-based foreign car plants. when Obama became president he made a deal that was financed with about 80 billion in tax payer money. Today, the total employment for car makers and part suppliers is about 250,00 from 2009. In 2011, sales rose ten percent for GM, thirteen percent for Ford and fourteen percent for Chrysler”(Greenberg).
So you can see how Obama was able to save the American auto industry an in the ad, “What He Said” Barrack Obama shows that he has helped America before and will keep helping by standing standing up for the American workers and protecting their jobs. Obama uses this ad to make his own character look good while attacking Mitt Romney’s and making him look like a bad undependable guy. Obama attacks and destroys Romney’s character in this ad by using Ethos, Pathos and Logos. In the beginning of the ad it shows Obama standing in a circle with a group of workers smiling. This is using Pathos to make the viewer feel like Obama is a happy welcoming person. Kind of like the knights of the round table it is trying to show that Obama is there as an equal and to listen and help. This gives the viewer a feeling of being nurtured or that they are going to get taken care of and gives the feeling that Obama is a good leader. The ad thans pans to a fence with a sign that has a quote from the New York Times that reads, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” This quote was said by Mitt Romney.. The ad also shows behind the sign a vacant ran down building and an empty lot. This is shown to cause the viewers to get a sad reaction. The viewer sees the empty lot and the quote from Romney and it leads the viewer to believe that Romney is a bad guy and he wants business in Detroit to shut down and for American workers to lose their jobs. The ad also shows Obama giving a speech and you can hear people cheering as he says, “Dont bet against the American Workers.” You get a sense of excitement from the crowd cheering and pride when he makes that comment because we are all American workers. Obama does some framing there very well because everyone is American worker so everyone is involved in that speech. Since everyone in America is basically an American worker you get a feeling that he sticking up for the common man and yu are ready to follow this great leader that has been shown to have good Ethos. Ethos is basically about a person’s character and how it is shown to be good or bad. Ethos is shown all over by Obama in this ad. The beginning where he is standing with the group of people shows he is just like one of the workers and you can trust him because he is just an American worker like you. Obama also attacks Mitt Romeny’s Ethos in this ad and he does a good job of doing it while making his own Ethos look better. The quote I mentioned earlier from the New York Times is an attack on Romeny’s character. It shows that you cant trust Romney and he and he would rather have Detroit go bankrupt and lose thousands of jobs. What decent person would want that to happen to anyone? The narrator also says that Mitt Romney turned his back on Detroit. This a good metaphor used ny Obama here to show that Romney doesn't care about the American worker and as no sympathy for them but rather can just ignore their suffering. The ad