Handmaids Tale

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A government is ran by those with power and and prestige. In orwells novel 1984, Big brother ruled a

totalarism goverment and crippling the rights of his citizens. In atwood's novel The handmaids tale, the

government was ran by more than 1 power but, the laws were very distorted. Both novels

shows a different view to the same corruption of law.

Both Novels show how a dystopian government can lead to ultimate destruction within its citizens.

However Both dystopian novels arise from a different view. Orwells novel 1984 depicts a state of terror

and the the rights of the citizens are limited and almost unexistent. On the other hand Atwood

expressesconcern over feminism. The handmaids tale also shows the effects of declining birth rates

which forces women to to reproduce. Each novel has something defferent to offer and a different story

to tell on a dystopian society.

In both novels privacy was almost unexcistent. In 1984 every move you make is being watched and

recorded by the government. Even your own thoughts will be recorded. The group in charge of reading

the minds of the citizens is the thought police. The thought police arrest those who think against big

brother and are punished for it.In the handmaids tale, there is a very similar group compared to 1984's

thought police. The eyes are a a group of men who arrest those viloating the laws of gilead. Gilead has

very strict rules and the eyes spy on everyone to see