Mobby Dick Anti Transcendentalism

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"Moby Dick"­ anti transcendentalism
Ch.36 notes
Captain Ahab viciously desires to slay Moby Dick because he took his leg and in order to rally his crew against it he told them that their was a lot of money to be earned from killing the beast. Ch.65 notes ­ anti transcendentalism
The whale is seen as an animal which should not be killed and eaten and is described as a delicacy of a dish and incredibly useful, however the main character of the excerpt, Stubb wants to eat the whale and eat it by the light of it's own candle, in essence saying that since he can kill it, he will and then eat it because of the belief of survival of the fittest. "
Walden notes"
● Love letter written by a women
● Poem about excitement
● Depression
● American lifestyle
● Religion
● Being able to stop time wish it wasn't unclear
● Suffering from past
● Wants to carry on so he moves to walden
● Earth to its advantage , tree for shelter and fruits
● Went to woods to separate himself from society to see what is truly important in life
● Living in the moment
● Faith
● Liked the company people gave him
● Coming from a wealthy area doesn't necessarily make you more educated
● Happiness in life
● People are scared and curious of what's outside their comfort zone

● Wants to depend on nature
● Deep thoughts and being brought back to nature/reality
● Joy and happiness
● Good vs evil some people don't respect nature
● Visions
● Appreciation of freedom and nature
● Governor and council
● Society being corrupted living with fear and disrespect
● Society holds back nature but if nature was given its full potential society would be gone bc nature is powerful
● Repopulate woods and go back to what used to be
● Being prepared for a guest that may never come
● Admiring purity of nature
● Humanity ­ multiple perspective and endless point of views
● Seasons and refuse to let
● Weather good things come from bad
● Being able to have adventures and not let physical barriers hold you back
● Making a path for himself
● Don't give up
● Expressing the importance of nature
Pre colonial
Song in the sky loom"­pre colonial
● This qualifies as being an American because it talks about nature and how something such as a rug can symbolize many. Different parts of your culture a rug in there culture

can be like a flag in our. And really symbolize the culture. They take pride in their cultures like Americans do.
● This piece of literature shows the hard work and labor people of America went through yet they still pushed forward and had faith. They worked hard everyday to get where they wanted. Song of the Sky Loom is a great reference on what it is to be an
American because we have faith in what we do and use it to get to where we want just like how the natives had their religious system that was keeping them together and freedom. "
Hunting song"­ pre colonial
● Talks about there people's hunting tactics and how they. Are one with nature.
Americans are suppose to be one with nature and be free just like the natives were free in nature "
The world on the turtles back"
● Creation story by the Iroquios
● Has relations to the creation story of Adam and Eve
● Temptations are all around us
● Try and overlook the bad things in life and don't let those things influence you
● Creation story> which has to do with beliefs> its shows the ability of practice and freedom of religion and speech which is what our country stands for > freedom of religion is part of what our founding fathers wrote into the constitution > freedom "
Coyote and the buffalo" (done)
● Part of being an American is sticking to your word
● Being a good person and growing up to keep promises and how karma will come back to you
● Keeping relationships with people