Review Of A Higher Performance Index

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A higher performance index is better.
Following is a list of minium guidelines to help you complete this project, to achieve well it is expected that all of the listed criteria be completed to a high standard.

Model and testing specifications:
1.0 Model
1.1 The structure will support a load at a point 150mm high and 150mm across from the end of the plywood support.

2.0 Materials
2.1 The structure is to be made from the timber and cardboard supplied.
2.2 The timber will provide the major part of its load carrying capacity.

3.0 Conditions of the test
3.1 The mass of the model structure will be determined before the loading test. The mass will be recorded as grams.
3.2 The structure will be located on the foundation (supplied).
3.3 The model will be checked to ensure compliance with specified space restrictions.
3.4 The model will be loaded until it collapses. The collapse load will be recorded in grams.

Written specifications:

You are required to present your practical project under the following headings on A4 paper:
Recommended word length is up to 1500 words, however the skilful use of diagrams is essential and also contributes to word count.
Include your name, full title of project, subject, subject teacher, due date.

See headings below. Use page numbers. Bibliography. Appendixes (not compulsory).

1.0 Introduction
A summary of your project. This should enable someone to briefly understand the project without having to read the whole report.

2.0 Research and Design ideas
2.1 Outline research done prior to begin your design work (referencing is required).
2.2 Briefly outline with diagrams the important difference between tension and compression in structures. Include all your early design ideas. These will be 2-D and or 3-D sketches with associated notes.
2.3 Calculations to support informed judgments on the final solution should be