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I would say that my overall effectiveness as a public speaker is at a high level. I don’t really have any problems with speaking in public. I do like how I feel when I’m there speaking to an audience. I understand how empowering it could be using speech in a “good” manner. While feeling this empowerment during speeches my strengths start to come out. These great qualities include the ability to capture an audience using “shock and awe”. The strength to talk to a person and look then in there eyes and know that I’m being as precise as possible and they appreciate that. I’m confident that every single time I gave a speech I pushed myself to bring all my strengths in delivering a concise and correct speech. Knowing that I’m a lot more confortable in my speeches more than other doesn’t make me forget that I am also in need of enhancing my structure so try to make my speech more fluid and dummy-proof . I can feel with sureness that every singe individual was reached by my word. An example of this was when I had my first speech about stocks. The audience gave me the “ok I’ll listen but I don’t know how far were going to get” look. After showing a cartoon video explaining the stock market followed by some “Chart Art” the crowd was no longer in fear but assured that this topic is simple and easy to digest. Some speech issues that I need to correct occurred on all three times that I gave my speech. I felt like I could of given myself a better jump on the speech with the use of