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I found an interesting speech from the earlier black and white movie ‘To Kill a mocking bird’, a very classic monolog
’All men are created equal’ that is very exciting, provoking but a little bit sarcastic to all men in the court.
The speaker Atticus is an influential and powerful lawyer who spoke with commanding authority with his low and husky voice.
He worked incredibly hard to defend a young Negro man.
From this speech, we could see everyone is deeply engrossed with the manner at which he presents himself with.
Except the two opposing lawyers, whose body language displayed disinterest and appears to be in clear defiance of the speaker.

In the movie, the attendance of all the English men include Atticus himself are wearing a very formal attire, who are obviously different with the black people.
From my point of view, I think the director is trying to emphasis the black-white inequality in 1900’s.
His speech used a very indirect manner of speaking to everyone who is present in the court proceeding.
Right as he mentioned ‘All men are created equal’, the camera refocuses upon the group of black people present on that day which signified that everyone no matter what colour of the skin should be treated equally.

People rather believing white people instead of others because there is no equal right for blacks in that time.
Basically, he pointed out that there's no evidence and that the prosecution is banking on the