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1. Definition(of(a(thesis(statement: single sentence that summarizes your message (e.g., Everyone retains information differently, and we each fall into one of three learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic, or visual.)
2. (Examples(of(general(speech(goals((To(inform,(To(persuade,(To(Entertain) :
3. (2)(Factors(to(consider(when(analyzing(your(audience : Analyze the audience
Who are the key audience members?
How much do they know?
What do they want to know?
What are their personal preferences?
What are the significant demographics?
What is the size of the group?
What are their attitudes?
4. Three(main(parts(of(a(speech :
What makes up the opener of the speech?
What is the body of the speech?
What is in the conclusion
5. Five(functions(of(an(introduction :
1. gaining and maintaining audience attention
2. making it interesting for the audience
3. stating the purpose or thesis
4. establishing your qualifications
5. forecasting development and organization
1.Get audience's attention 2. Introduce the subject 3. Give the audiences a reason to listen 4. Establish your credibility 5. Preview your main ideas
Capture the audience’s attention
Attention getter
Give your audience a reason to listen
Audience motivation
Set the proper tone for the topic and setting
Establish qualifications
Establish credibility
Introduce your thesis
Purpose statement & thesis statement

6. Two(functions(of(a(conclusion :
Summarize your main points
Summary statement
End with a memorably
Closing statement
7. Three(functions(of(transition(statements :
Promote clarity
Emphasize important ideas
Keep listeners interested
8. Using(humor(as(an(opening(statement(in(the(introduction(:

9. (4)(Six(types(of(verbal(support((know(examples(and(definitions(of(each)
Explains meaning of a