Final Strategic Plan for the United States Postal Service Essay example

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Strategic Plan for United States Postal Service Roberto W Zayas
University of Phoenix

Table of Contents Executive Summary | 2 | Company Background | 4 | Vision, Mission, and Values Statement | 5 | Environmental Analysis | 6 | Non-Economic Factors in Remote Environment | 8 | Competitive Analysis | 10 | Strategic Analysis and Choice | 12 | Plan Goals and Implementation | 14 | Critical Success Factors | 16 | Controls and Evaluations | 16 | Conclusion | 17 | References | 19 |

Executive Summary
The United States Postal Service (USPS) is currently one of the largest companies in the United States. The USPS is currently in a situation where revenues are down and debt continues to increase. Intense
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Most companies believe that it starts with the mission statement of the company. A company will not survive or find it difficult to function if it does not have a purpose for doing what it does. When organizations try to implement new strategies or initiatives they must come from the core of the business and that starts with the mission, vision and values statements. “[The mission statement] provides managers with a unity of direction that transcends individual, parochial, and transitory needs. It promotes a sense of shared expectations among all levels and generations of employees. It consolidates values over time and across individuals and interest groups. It projects a sense of worth and intent that can be identified and assimilated by company outsiders. Finally, it affirms the company’s commitment to responsible action, which is symbiotic with its need to preserve and protect the essential claims of insiders for sustained survival, growth and profitability of the firm” (Palmer & Short, 2008, p. 455). The USPS for a long time did not have such extreme competition as it faces today, and because of the USPS being the only mail carrier in the US they don’t have a mission or values statement to date.

Environmental Analysis In order for any company to successful it must be aware of where it has opportunity and where it has strength. For a company to