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Strategic Plan

The Educational
Learning Facility
By Barbara J. Van

The company’s vision is to become a leader in educational childcare services dedicated to strengthening the childcare industry for children and their families.

The mission of the facility is to put children and families first by providing affordable childcare services. In doing so, the facility will provide a foundation that nurtures the development of children. 3

 Honesty – Truthful about center matters; takes responsibility for own mistakes
 Dependability – Punctual, arrives at work at specified time, performs job responsibilities, utilizes work hours and does not take advantage of time off.
 Integrity – Maintaining the confidentiality of children and family information.
 Individualization – Showing concern for personal differences, needs, and capabilities.  Professionalism – Maintain a professional approach at all times, use appropriate language at work and around children, maintains a professional attitude when taking to parents.
 Discipline – Uses not punitive methods of discipline, offers guidance in a positive manner.  Respect – Respect children, adults, co-workers, and individual point of view and ideas.  Tolerance – Understanding and patient
 Social Responsibility – Teachers will be responsible for the physical and social responsibility of all children while providing a safe grogram and making responsible decisions that represent ethical behavior.
 Culture Competence – Understanding the importance of values, beliefs, and practices of diverse cultures.
 Ethical Behavior – Governs the conduct towards students, practices and performance 05/02/15


Balanced Scorecard

Internal Business

Improve services, technology, operational role and structure of operation Financial

Increase return on investment, market shares, operating cash flow, remain competitive Customer

Increase parent retention, increase customer satisfaction, offer quality services, offer competitive rates

Learning and

Increase level of satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, improve organization, skills, abilities, and expertise.

Four Perspectives of The Educational Learning Facility


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