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Different Technologies in the Electronic World
By: Brent Freda
Final Exam

Electronic Technologies are always evolving in the digital world that we live in. New technologies are evolving daily to enhance how we go about doing things from business to socializing. These technologies are making it easier and more efficient for people to communicate with each other, gather information, or even doing personal banking. It is amazing how over the past twenty years that technology has exploded to the point that we are almost dependent on computers to function in personal and business world. Though these technologies have made all these aspects easier to do, it has also created a dependency on instant information to where society doesn’t need to learn new information like they used too. No longer are people learning about subjects and studying for hours on certain subjects. We now get the information needed in an instant, take that information we desire, and then within a day or two, most likely forget the information that has been looked up. The focuses that this paper will look over are electronic banking, cloud computing and social networking systems. The first area that will be looked at is electronic banking. This type of banking started up around 1975 and it is the allowing of money to be transferred electronically, rather than dealing with paper slips at a bank. There are many different ways that these type of transactions are done, most popular versions are ATM’s, Direct Deposit, and Personal Computer Banking. These transactions are mostly taken care of through an encrypted code or pin number, so that only the person and bank are able to transfer and access these funds. This technology saves countless hours in dealing with banks and it makes it easier for people to access money on a 24 hour availability. Though it gives them twenty four hour access to money, some issues can occur with proper movement of money from checks to the bank account. It also can leave people venerable to hackers that may be trying to access information on their account and take their money. The banks need to keep an eye out for strange, large transactions on cards and with accounts, to make sure that people are not being attacked by hackers. As long as the bank is keeping up to date on their security protocols and keep their customer’s informed, then most of these problems can be prevented or stopped in the process of occurring. This technology has made cash easier to access and move around and in our on the go society, and it is vital for people to have that availiblity. (FTC, 2012) Here is a graphic that shows how the cycle of electronic banking works: A newer technology that is big in our society is the use of cloud computing. Cloud Computing started becoming popular in 2008 and has only continued to grow immensely since its inception. Cloud Computing is a “virtual server” that allows people to store large amounts of information over the internet and gives them the ability to access this information from any computer in the world. A negative to some clouds are that they don’t offer enough storage space to allow large files to be saved or transferred. Without the availability of space on a cloud, this could hurt someone’s ability to get the proper information they want to have saved on the cloud, for things like a news report or a presentation. The only security concern with the cloud is that hackers may be able to access private information from your cloud and use it against the users. This technology has made it simple for the transfer of data over the internet, as well as connection of cell phone networks to save data. It has made people lives tremendously more convenient and has almost eliminated the need for an external drive or disk. (Knorr, 2010)
Here is a graphic on how the concept of cloud computing works: The last area