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Whether we should attend college has become a controversial issue lately. Although it’s very common students should go to college after graduating from high school, there is a very different voice claiming attending college actually burdens students’ future. It not only creates a large amount of tuition debt, but also disappointed students when they get into the uncertain job market. According to ………(“”). However, I truly believe it is very necessary to attend college in nowadays because college helps students to develop comprehensively and offer worldwide acceptable diploma, not to mention attending college is supported by government from different actions.
Firstly, attending college helps students to become a well-rounded person. College students have to fulfill course requirements during four years of study. Mostly, it is required to take one course or two from each subject category so that students learn different kinds of knowledge instead of only focusing on one specific subject. Besides, colleges students have chance to participate in all kinds of associations and clubs in the college. Therefore, students practice their leaderships skills and develop their social network. Rather than taking boot-camps which is extremely employable, to become a comprehensive person is more favorable for the society.
Moreover, college provides professional education for students to learn further deep. It is said that…….
Comparing to online self-learning, college professors are knowledgeable and experienced which could offer suitable help for students while studying. In addition, there are a lot of jobs requires college diploma such as accounting. For example, CFA test is required to become an accountant. As a prerequisite, candidates have to complete