Final: World War Ii and Intelligence Collection Essay

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1) Describe and give two examples from the readings of materials sampling intelligence collection

One of the examples of materials sampling in intelligence collection was the story of a Soviet KGB agent being used to gather metal material samples from an aircraft factory in the United States. An adhesive was used on his shoes which collected the metal samples and allowed analysis to figure out what metal alloys were being used in our fighter planes. The next example is when the United States collected titanium samples from a Soviet shipyard to confirm that it was being used in new Soviet submarine hulls. This was important for intelligence because titanium was a major advancement in hull design.

2) Describe chemical sampling and at least three types of collection targets it is usually used against.

Chemical sampling allows for intelligence organizations to gather chemicals which can inform them of the type and origin of a certain type of chemical. These can be collected against foreign nations to verify that treaty obligations are being met. They can also collect against factories or areas where chemical weapons may be manufactured at. They can also collect against naval vessels based on the release of chemical materials in the water that can help track the location and movement of ships and submarines.

3) Biometric sensors collect information on what (list at least five)?

Biometric sensors can collect information on parts of the human body that can result in identification based on observation. Fingerprints can be collected to identify someone. Voice biometrics can be collected which results in a unique signature used to identify a person. DNA can be collected which can be used to identify a person based on their unique human DNA structure. Retinal scanning can analyze the pattern of a person’s blood vessels which is unique to each person. An iris can also be scanned which detects the color change in a person’s pupil to identify them.

4) What are the two principle purposes for biological intelligence and obtaining biological signatures?

One principle purpose for biological intelligence and obtaining biological signatures are to identify the microorganisms that can cause disease which helps to trace the source of a disease outbreak. This would be useful in the event that an outbreak struck in America by finding the source which could lead to a cure or further study. Another principle purpose is to identify the biological warfare agent that has been used or is being manufactured. This would be useful in the event of a terrorist attack in order to find out where the biological warfare agent originated.

5) Describe and give two examples from the readings of materials acquisition intelligence collection

Materials acquisition can be used to reverse engineer a component from a piece of equipment in order to analyze its structure. It…