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Calling, Vocation and Career - Writing Assignment: Who Am I Now?

Write your reflection paper using the following headings, include some discussion, findings and decisions. These seven areas must be included for credit:

1. God’s Calling for my Life (if you are not sure, then discuss what could be your calling at this time and what you plan to do to discover your calling
2. My Spiritual Gifts and my Strengths (strengths, gifts, talents, skills, abilities). How and where do you want to use these gifts and strengths?
3. The results of the Strong Interest Inventory. Answer these questions regarding the Strong: If you declared a major, did the results confirm my major and occupational choice? Did the results help in broadening your choices? If you have not selected a major or career, did you find one or two career choices you are considering? Did you choose a career and major? What are your reasons for not selecting a major yet?
4. Next Step: Research. Investigate the information about the careers or career you are considering or have selected. It is extremely important to learn as much as possible about the career or careers you are considering before you make a final decision. Study the industry, profession and labor market. Include the following in this section, from your research:
a. Skills and abilities required
b. Education required; licensing required
c. Tasks Required and any physical demands
d. Work Environment (will you work with a team or work alone)
e. Salary Range (starting salary and highest depending on experience)
f. National Job Outlook – Will there be a demand for the career you are considering when you graduate? If not, what options do you have? What are other related careers that you may consider, if they seem to be in demand?
g. Are there any professional Associations you can contact for membership or newsletters about the profession to help keep