Psyopathology Of Children And Adolescents

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Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents
EPSY 6301

Final Writing Assignment

Purpose: You are to choose and watch a fictional film (drama, comedy, action, sci fi, etc.) that portrays a child (or adolescent) presenting with some type of emotional or behavioral problem. From this film, you are to write a paper, describing and making comments on the behavioral presentation portrayed. No two students can choose the same film. Your paper is NOT to show your knowledge of the film, but rather, your knowledge of psychopathology, classification of disorders, and related interventions. It will also serve as a demonstration of your professional writing ability. Format: The writing of your paper is to be double-spaced and length from 550 to 850 words (approximately two to three pages). You are to cover the following areas:
1) Describe the context of the therapy scene(s) in the film. For example, who is the child and, in general, what is the plot of the movie?
2) Describe the behavioral problem. What makes it a problem?
3) Discuss the following aspects of the behavior problem: a) observable behavior, b) emotional state, c) effects on interpersonal relationships, d) other related problems or impairments in functioning
4) Based on what you see, do you think the child’s condition meets criteria for being categorized as emotional/behavioral disturbance? What is there or not there that tell you that. What information is missing, if any, for you to make a final determination?
5) What do you think would help this child in the school setting? What accommodations, programming, or interventions would be important?
6) What additional help may this child need? Discuss this in terms of the psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, and ecological/systems models

Deadline: April 23, at the beginning of class time.

Grading: I will NOT grade papers based on accuracy of how your paper matches the film you watched. You can assume that I had not nor may ever watch the film. You will be graded in the following four areas (below).
Your demonstrated knowledge of the basics of psychopathology and intervention as it relates to children and adolescents and the schools. This includes being able to conceptualize working with problem behaviors from different therapeutic perspectives as explained in your text.
The quality of your writing. Your paper must be written in a way that your reader can both understand the concepts you are discussing, as well as be able to “see” the behavioral problems portrayed in the film.