A Note On Illegal Immigration

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One of today’s biggest issues in America is immigration. We are receiving more immigrants than any other time in history. Immigration affects every aspect of life in America. Many illegal immigrants are migrating to the U.S every year and raising our population. Immigration has an impact on education, health care, government budgets, employment, the environment, and crime. Some migrate for better life and opportunities in America. Many of these immigrants come undocumented. Arizona has the highest percent of immigrants that migrate. In 2004, 175,364 people migrated to the United States illegally. This is a sign of how open our borders are. There are not enough people securing it. When immigrants are caught, they’re held in jail until they can be deported by to their country of birth.
Arizona’s border security is a big national security problem. Arizona shares a border with 5 states- New Mexico, Colorado, California, Utah and Nevada. Most of my constituents are from Arizona. According to President Obama, there is not enough staff to secure the borders and limited supplies to help protect it. This plays a big role in illegal immigration.
To reduce the amount of illegal immigrants that migrate to America, companies that employ undocumented immigrants should be punished. This means in order for an immigrant to be employed, they must be documented. You would know if the immigrant was legal or not by matching the info provided on the paperwork to the person and if they do not match then they are not legal. They must be treated the same way as everyone else because of equality. There can be no discrimination in this process. The government should give harsh punishments, such as large fines, to businesses that hire aliens. If finding jobs as an illegal immigrant was harder, they would go through the process to become legal.
In order for this solution to be effective, the government must step up and enforce this policy. For them to find the companies that have illegal employees, they must investigate and audit employee’s paperwork; including W2’s. In this case if the information on the documents doesn’t match the person, the company will be fined and the employee would be taken into custody as a part of “catch and detain”. This fine will be hurting the business’s pockets which will discourage them to hire illegal immigrants. It will be easier to track companies rather than millions of illegal immigrants. The U.S Department of Homeland Security will enforce this solution. The federal government must work with the states.
By passing this solution, you will get a lot of benefits in return. You will reduce the amount of illegal immigrants. That’s one of your main goals. Strict enforcements will be placed on Arizona’s borders. This will make it much harder for aliens to enter the states illegally. The amount of drug traffickers and people that come to commit violence or terror will no longer be an issue. If you have most of your constituents supporting you, your chances of re-election will be high.
In order to get this proposal passed, you must work with interest groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). You both will have to improve border security and agree on this non discriminatory policy. You must persuade other opposed senators by convincing them that their constituents would want the same thing. President Obama will most likely support this solution and sign it into law. According to one of his recent speeches, he wants to secure the borders and fix the system as a whole. This would allow fewer people to have the incentive to enter illegally in the search of work.
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