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H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a design-driven, creative global company that offers a wide range of fashion. H&M is well known for the successful company both in term of finance and marketing performance. H&M is one of the largest fashion companies. They made an incredible journey from a single store established by Erling Persson in Sweden in 1947, with 2,206 stores in 43 countries and having 94,000 employees worldwide. (Julian book). This report is all about H&M clothing international brand. H&M comprises six independent brands that are: H&M, Cos, Monki, Weekday, Cheap, Monday and other stories.
H&M’s main purpose is to offer quality and fashion at best price. H&M’s main goal is to increase 10-15 percent of the number of stores per year, at the same time increasing the sales of the company with sustainability of quality. (Yan,, 2014, p.2)
Kathmandu was established in 1987 by opening their first outdoor retailer store; since then has captured the market in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia by providing equipments for travelling and adventure with good quality of clothing. Kathmandu is a brand. They believe specially in adventures stuff, like cycling or trekking on mountains or jungles. They have unique and varieties in clothing, accessories, bags etc. Their products are comfortable and very safe for the people who are adventures and enjoy freedom. They more encourage adventure with huge range of products.
H&M uses it immense buying power to influence its suppliers in the ethical and fair treatment of employees.
They have adopted the UN Guiding principles and human rights as well as working together with civil right defenders on business and Human rights and equity.
There are many political factors which can affect any business like changes of laws, taxation policy and stability so as H&M is also affected by political influence.
H & M is linked to the other countries like India and china they which is subjected to custom duties.

Consumers spending patterns have been greatly affected by the downward turn in the worldwide economy, placing an increasing negative pressure on prices.
H&M are committed to sourcing organic sustainable suppliers.
H&M faces major costs like transport like give on-line services to Customers, so we can say technology costs; also they pay for labor cost. Also they have linked with other countries that may affect in recession.

H&M also promotes through social media, campaigns for social causes which can spread awareness among society by rising interest on many issues.
H&M recognizes the importance of its staffs, which is reflected in its core values, like believe in people, we are one time, keep it simple, straight forward and open minded, cost- consciousness.