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Israel Torres
3rd Period
Part One

Trying to find a job is difficult task to accomplish in this economy. My challenges and experiences in trying to find a job was trying to find an internship where I have an interest in, getting paid more then minimum wage, and one experience is that I’m competing with not only people of my age but also adults who have or are unemployed.

Getting an internship where you have an interest in the future is hard.
Personally I would want to go in the medical field. Due to privet reasons in the medical offices I couldn’t get the experience I wanted. In the future I would want to help people but especially kids. The feeling of helping people when they need it the most gives me a smile and a sense of kindness. I went to Jupiter Medical Center on May 23rd, and I talked to a lady name Mary. She said I couldn’t get a position because there is no internship for that. The only job position that is open was helping the senior citizens in anything they wanted. Also the other job position was the thrift shops in Jupiter. The only down side with these positions was that it was community service not a paid position.

Just like everyone, I have expenses to pay. For example paying for gas and insurance for my car. My parents help me out paying my insurance but I pay my gas by my self. Thank God my miles per gallon is high so it doesn’t kill my wallet. If I get minimum wage that means I wouldn't be able to go out or do anything for summer. I mean what’s the point for summer vacation when I can’t even have fun or a worry free life. The only way to have “fun” over the summer would be if I worked more hours to pay for extra activities that I would do. I'm a teenager and there is no way I would want to work more, then having fun. My plans for this summer is to go to the beach, go to a theme park with my friends and family and jus have fun.

I can’t even imagine adults going thru what I am going. They have more worries and trouble to deal with. The only problem is not being in finance and getting a good grade in that class. Its sad but to be real it’s like survival of the fittest trying to find a job. Some people are trying to work just to get by or buying food and paying the rent. When you hear unemployment on the TV you think it wouldn’t happen near you. I had a job at Medical Access but they couldn’t do the internship so I had to quit and find another. Really wished that they would of told me ahead of time. At the same time its my fault for not asking or telling them soon enough.

So now my challenge is to find a job quickly and that will be my goal. But my challenges have been trying to find an internship where I find interest in, getting paid more then minimum wage and my experience has been competing with other people.

Part Two

For me it was more like two years, but being in the Academy of Finance has been more then great. I’ve gotten so much experience since being in this academy. There are no negative things to say only positive. What I have learned so far is how to find a job, gave me experience in the energy field and also certified me in Microsoft.

Finding a job and how to get one is something I will always take in consideration. Mrs. Shuhaiber and also Miss. Lott have tough me how to compose a resume. A resume is a valuable tool. It shows what you have done, experience, and how are you. It gives the employer a sense of who you are and what experience you have so far. Mrs. Shuhaiber made us dress professionally. Yes at times it was a pain but it helped me realize that in the real world when you go for an interview they expect you to come well dressed and have your resume ready. Also they showed us the ways your suppose to talk during an