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Marketing Plan 1st Quarter 2010 2/24/2010

Goal: To increase referral sources in order to increase census.

New Referral Sources:

1. HCR Dorvin in Livonia- They have been referring long term care patients to OakPointe after the Medicare days are done. They have sent a few residents to us with 2-3 weeks of Medicare left. 2. HCR University in Livonia- They have just come on board in the same sense as Dorvin. I informed the SW that we accept Medicaid and Medicaid Pending and she will be working with me for placement of their long term residents.

Potential New Referral Sources:

1. Stephanie Rose w/ Seasons Hospice- I had a meeting with Ms. Rose regarding Season’s new inpatient hospice facility at Sinai Grace Hospital. This facility will be opening in April. I will be attending the open house and marketing OakPointe to physicians, DCP’s, etc. as they will all be in attendance. The purpose of the facility is to transition new hospice pt’s into nursing home placement. 2. Michelle A. Rhead w/ AIMS- I am developing a relationship with her in order to increase referrals. She is a part of Dr. Jones’ group. I will be calling her bi-weekly to see what she has for OakPointe. 3. Center for Senior Independence on Outer Drive- I visited this center Tuesday, Feb. 16th and dropped off information on our facility. I informed them of our services and asked that the Social Worker contact me with any of their patients that need LTC placement. If I have not heard anything from them by the first week of March I will visit them again and attempt to schedule a meeting with the Social Worker. I also plan on visiting similar organizations in the area to offer assistance with LTC placement when needed.

Upcoming Projects/Events:

1. I have placed an advertisement for OakPointe with Medibag Company. There will be an OakPointe ad printed on prescription bags at the Kroger Pharmacy on 8 Mile. They print over 24,000 prescription bags each year, and have a large senior citizen customer base. 2. I have also placed an advertisement in the City of Detroit, Senior Citizens Department’s Centenarian Souvenir Booklet. This booklet is going to be passed out at the Centenarian Luncheon May 20, 2010 at the Atheneum Hotel Grand Ballroom. I will be attending this event as well. 3. I will be attending the Senior Living and Services Expo on April 17, 2010 with Cassandra from Lahser Hills. We will have a booth with information on both of our facilities and will be splitting the cost of the booth. It is held at the Southfield Pavilion. They expect hundreds of seniors and there families, as well as other vendors and potential referral sources to attend. 4. I will be visiting senior apartment buildings, assisted living centers, etc. in the area in the coming weeks. I plan on posting information on our facility in these centers, when allowed, to hopefully draw up new referrals. I will also be