How Are You Beginning To Accomplish Your Corporate Goals?

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How are you beginning to accomplish your corporate goals?

The executive team of TekTronics came up with two strategies that the company is going to follow. The company is going to focus on the short term which will lets us gain a better understanding of our market segments from the test market. The long-term vision TekTronics has is being able to refine our products to the exact wants and needs of our target market. As a company the main goal is to provide a quality product that meets all their needs and wants that the consumer needs in a computer. TekTronics will also refine manufacturing to be more efficient throughout the quarters. For the market size TekTronics goal is to focus on a large, highly competitive segment like workhorse and costcutter. These segments had the most potential in our company being successful and flourishing. For our geographic market TekTronics are focusing on geographic markets that minimize distribution costs because we have built our factory in Mexico City, and have a sales office in LA and a web center in Chicago that reaches every city in North America. As a result, we do not have to worry about high shipping costs to other continents and we also don't have to worry about exchange rate risk. As a company TekTronics plans to build a market position and defend it, while taking the lead and keeping it. The distinctive competencies the company has is to be the market share leader and provide the most reliable product on the market.

What do you hope to accomplish in the test market?

When it comes to the test market with TekTronics, as a company developed a desktop called TekDesk1000. The company decided to make it a 17-inch standard screen with the basic components. The desktop is equipped with a standard hard-drive as well as standard networking. The company looked between the costcutter and workhorse segment and made decisions off of that the consumers were looking for in a computer. TekTronics developed a basic desktop