Finance: Globalization and Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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As Kudler Fine Foods decides to explore globalization there are many different financial aspects that need to be considered. This includes exchanges of currencies, capital movements, technology transfer, international travel and migration, and in international flows of ideas and information. While many welcome the increasing competition, globalization is promoting, others are cynical and are observing the inequalities in global wealth. In spite of the controversial debate concerning the positive and negative effects of globalization, small and large businesses alike are going global in hope of bringing forth economic opportunities and rewards. Kudler Fine Foods finds themselves in this position where they can see large growth in its future but this growth cannot occur without expansion and venturing into new territory with hopes of increasing profits and business partners. As great as this may sound, Kudler needs to understand that due to the complexities of economic systems between different countries, their strategies involving the financial, investing, and the operational aspect of their business must be refined as they globalize. In domestic markets, mainly the U.S., companies are familiar with the common functions of finance such as budgeting, cost control, and internal auditing. But as companies go global, there are more financial complexities and challenges for the finance department. Besides divisional differences there are complications brought on by