Finance: Learning and Career Leader Results Essay

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Finance Career Exploration Assignment
Part 2:

PART 2 – Connecting Finance to Your Personal Career Path (Due Class 3):

Review your CareerLeader results and the information you have learned about the various functional areas of finance. Answer the following questions:

Of the 9 functional areas in Part 1 of this assignment, which of them seem most interesting to you?
1. Commercial Banking
2. Corporate Finance
3. Hedge Funds
4. Investment banking
5. Money Management

What area is the least interesting to you and why? Be as honest and specific as you can.

The least interesting area is Real Estate. Because it requires a high level of communication skills. I think native speakers are more competitive in this respect. Although this job is easy to enter and really stable, it is estimated that its future is not bright enough. That means this industry may potentially not able to offer considerable payment to employees engaged in. In addition to that, I want to learn some professional knowledge and skills from my first job, while real estate is comparatively weak in the respect. Therefore, Real Estate is the least interesting area for me.
Based on the in-depth information you’ve learned about various careers in finance, how (if at all) have your career interests changed? Be specific.
Before I took class 2, I was not interest in Hedge Funds. In my opinion, this job requests high intelligence, strong domain knowledge, consistency and professional finance knowledge. In addition, it’s a job with high risk. However, I have changed my opinion after taking class 2. The reason is that I learned that Hedge Funds is a competitive job and is an good option to get oneself improved. Also, it has good potential earnings so that I decide to learn more information about it.
Go back to your own Career Leader results and please list your results from the following categories:

1. Interests:
Enterprise Control: Interested in setting