Finance Learning Log on Tax Essay

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Overall, this assignment enriched our understanding on different tax amendments that the government has recently implemented in the hope of recovering the economy from its current decline. We analysed and presented different points of view taking into consideration the effects of modified taxes have upon main institutions and society.

This assignment has proven to be a valuable exercise of information research and apply academic information in an unusual context e.g. we had to apply the Canons of Taxation on banks rather than on individuals etc.

University favours team work, therefore this experience wasn’t the first one of this type but it was different compared to the others.

As a whole we learned that team work is about compromising and valuing each other’s opinion. It is about working as a group rather than an individual and having confidence in each other’s work input, helping where necessary.

We tried to meet in order to decide what we are going to do regarding the assignment Getting the team together was always difficult due to each member’s own prior commitments; however we made sure that members who were absent were up to date with what we’ve accomplished during that particular meeting and any changes that have been made. We allocated the work equally and finalised it as a group. When meeting each other proved to be unmanageable we communicated via email.

Another problem we faced was the difficulty in