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Boyce's (2008) paper identifies various key issues that are seen to have lead many corporate failures, accounting and ethical education. These failures, as seen by Boyce, have shifted the focus from the system in which we operate in to the behavior of individuals. Furthermore, he argues the neglect in the emphasis of change in the way accounting intellectuals educate students is adding to the core failures in identifying unethical behavior. Also, Boyce (2008) identifies the failure by the profession to adequately provide a code of conduct to be followed that could be faced in the realm of the current corporations failures.

One of the major issues that Boyce (2008) identifies is the lack of adequate ethical education to accounting students in particular. He voices his concern about the non-existence of ethical relevance in teaching today which adds the question of whether the approach of educators towards students ability to identify ethical issues if come across made even harder specifically when faced with real situations. The suggested solution to such failure as seen by Boyce (2008) is to extend the knowledge of education to students by implementing awareness of ethical dilemmas for real situations. Furthermore, to go beyond, these ethical dilemmas, Boyce suggests a structural reforming in tertiary education. One way to create a change is to substitute the practical scenarios given to students that do not relate by any way to the real situations they could face in the