E-Commerce: Sportsplus The Place For A Business

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Name: Daniel Blackwood
Subject: E-Commerce
Professor: Antony Gauvin
Topic: Assignment #1

1. The product that I intend to offer for my e-commerce initiative is an online sports store called Sportsplus the place for all your sporting goods, this store will cater to all the Jamaican public sporting needs.
2. The feature of the internet that I will choose to sell my products and service is Ubiquity because with this feature the marketplace is extended beyond the traditional boundaries and is removed from a temporal and geographic location. Marketspace is created; shopping can take place anywhere. Customer convenience is enhanced and shopping cost are reduced.
3. The value preposition of my products and service is top quality bran name product at unbeatable prices at the most flexible and convenient shopping experiences which will save the customers a lot of time and money. No-one has time to spend hours walking around anymore looking for the Nike boots that they need so I am offering an easier way of handling your time and money.
4. The business model I intend to use is the virtual mall and I will be acting as an e-tailer. I will be supplying sports gear of all types and for every sport where there is a market. I will also provide an option where customers can customize their order for example someone who would like to purchase a soccer shoes but they would like their name and number printed on the shoes, we will do it for an extra JA$1000 and also if a customer would like to purchase his or her favorite team jersey an would like to customize it by putting their name in the back of the jersey we will also do this for and extra JA $2000 plus the price of the jersey this service will be fast and efficient and most importantly inexpensive towards the business.
5. There is a huge marketing opportunity for a business of this nature because it is the first of its kind in the entire country and also we will look to target the primary and high school sports programs as one of our main customers. Where competition is concerned there is not a lot f competitors in this type of business.
6. The Major competitive advantage that this business will have over all the other competitors in the market place is fast, efficient and a wide variety of brand name sporting goods at the best price around town.
7. The Business model that I will use for this company is E-tailer because an E-tailer is a an online retail store and this is exactly what this business will be doing, offering sporting goods and services to the Jamaican public in all 14 parishes on our website where our costumers can go and shop for their favorite brand name sporting gear which is fast, easy and convenient and fits right into their budgets.
8.Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Puma, Umbro, Lotto, Joma, Champion, Diadora, along with some other sports entities base here in the United States and around Europe would be the inbound logistics for this company. These are some of the major supplier from who I will purchase my goods from on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the season . How will I get these products out to my customers? The information will be provided on the website with a picture of all the products that we have in stock along with the product description which will give the customer a better understanding of the product and all its features for example the type of material, make and model. This will be done by freelance workers and other sources. As for the operational aspect of the business, all the sport gears will be shipped to the Island by Dennis shipping company and the transported to the store, there will be only one main headquaters located in Black River St Elizabeth where