Financial Aspects of Health Care Delivery Essay

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Financial Aspects of Health Care Delivery Jentry Pippin HCS/310 April 23, 2012 Emilie Smith

Health care expenditures in the United States continue to soar with health care costs accounting for 17% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) ( [If this URL is in a citation, it should not appear here but rather on the references page] . The United States, along with Turkey
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Another reason that healthcare expenditures are low for this group is individuals paying for their own care do not abuse health care services. Individuals covered by inmate care and government insurance tend to abuse services because their out-of-pocket expenses are low or none. As noted in our [Do not refer to the textbook in this manner. Cite as you would any other reference] textbook, private insurance accounts for less than 10% of GDP. Not only do inmate care and private insurance differ from another in their relation to GDP, but they also differ from government care and employer group insurance in relation to GDP. Government care is Medicare, Medicaid, military health care, and care for Native Americans and Alaskan natives. Government care is very influential on GDP. As more Americans become unemployed and baby boomers live longer lives, the demand for Medicare and Medicaid are steadily increasing at an uncontrollable rate. As government care increases health care cost will increase relative to GDP. Unlike inmate care, patients have more access to services. Health care services are limited to inmates as they are placed on waiting lists, passed over for routine and follow-up care, and regulated for abuse. Government care also requires members to pay small co-payments for