Financial Characteristics of Health Care Essay

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Financial Characteristics of Health Care
Pamela S Hill
HCA 340
Wanda Carter
October, 16, 2011

"Quality healthcare management includes the financial growth and viability of the healthcare organization. A healthcare organization can realize quality healthcare management only when it is fully staffed with medical and managerial professionals and is able to invest in the most advanced equipment". ( In 2009 it was reported that 46 million Americans were uninsured. In 2011 the uninsured has risen to 50.7 million people. This was due to people losing their jobs, the recession, companies downsizing, and some companies dropping employee health insurance. What can this really mean? With just one person being uninsured in the United
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pp. 297 - 298). We will be looking at a number of cuts in different departments of Government to get the financing of health care where we need it. “Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, has decreed that reform must be financed entirely by savings or revenues within the health care system. He believes that would force greater efficiencies from a notoriously wasteful enterprise. Senator Max Baucus of Montana, the Democrat who is chairman of the committee, seems inclined to accept that notion to win Republican votes for a filibuster-proof majority. Our preference would be to extract savings from the bloated, inefficient health care system — but also to raise revenues from a wider pool, preferably from well-to-do Americans who could be taxed more for a badly needed reform that would benefit all Americans.” (Health Care reform, 7, 2009) As stated in the Article of health care reform July, 2009. So much money is wasted on testing and treatments that are not necessary for the good of the patient. 30% or 700 billion a year is wasted on this stuff. Even if half that money could be recaptured it would be enough to finance health care reform. Human Resources play a big role in the health care plan. “They must come up with a Strategic plan, Monitoring and control of the strategic plan is most often accomplished through the use of an organizational dashboard, or scorecard.