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Financial management article research questions.
1) This articles primary topic or focus is about managing effective disaster recovery.
2) Main conclusions are methods of disaster recovery and making sure that it does not mean potential loss of data. This includes
Taking care of fundamentals e.g making sure basic secure backups are in place for data files and software that run the business.
Spending a specific amount of money to ensure fundamentals of disaster recovery are taken care of.
Be more aware of the chance that data could be lost unexpectedly as smaller/middle sized business would struggle to come back from data loss easily
Middle sector Companies tend to focus narrowly on the backing up of data rather than the prevention of data loss
Emphasis on a recovery plan as 90% of companies without one go out of business within two years of catastrophic loss
Recommends that although it is costly to develop a recovery plan it will save money long term in a major disaster
It also gives recommendations when developing a disaster recovery plan:
Organisation of crisis management team
Identification of unique problems that would need special preparation
Crisis management procedures
Recovery procedures
Site restoration procedures
Preparedness procedures

3) These findings a primarily focused on disaster recovery and are qualitative facts from sources such as business books
4) I feel the evidence is quite balanced and gives good reasoning to its data for example recent terrorist