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FIN 3636 Financial Markets and Institutions
Spring 2015
Instructor: Meredith Rhodes
Office Hours: By Appointment
Office: 2600A Business Education Complex
Class Time: 9:30-10:20am MWF
Classroom: BEC 1845
Course Objectives:
The purpose of this course is to provide a practical introduction to today’s changing landscape of financial markets and institutions. On one hand we will discuss the characteristics of instruments used in the financial markets to facilitate the flow of funds and information production process through security trading and financial intermediation (functional perspective). On the other hand, we will talk about the structure of financial intermediaries, regulatory issues, and the changes of financial institutions and markets due to financial innovations and technological advancements (institutional perspective).
This course is organized in a way to present a survey of issues that gives each player in the financial markets some space. Thus, it is not meant to cover each topic in depth. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to have a general idea of interest rates, the components of financial markets, central banks and monetary policy, financial institutions, etc.
All students should have completed the prerequisites for this class. You are expected to have a proficiency in (i) time value of money concepts and calculations, (ii) all mathematics up to calculus, (iii) accounting principles, and (iv) basic statistics.
Course Materials:
Required textbook
Financial Markets and Institutions 6th Edition by Anthony Saunders and Marcia Millon Cornett.
Assigned Readings
Various articles from the Wall Street Journal or other publication sources will be assigned as the course proceeds. Additional Resources
Quizzes and homework assignments will be administered through a 3rd party website, McGraw-Hill’s
ConnectTM Finance Plus. Each student is responsible for registering for the website through the following

Financial calculator with time value of money functions (PV, FV, NPV, etc). I will be using and teaching with the Texas Instruments BA II Plus. You will not be allowed to use your cell-phone, lap-top, etc. on the exams. General Course Information:
Student Preparation, Attendance and Participation
An outline of topics is provided at the end of the syllabus. The outline is a general guide and is subject to change. Before each class, review the lecture notes and read the text. You are expected to attend all classes and be punctual. Please set your cell phones and other electronic devices to silent prior to the start of class.
Correspondence and Email Policy
For confidentiality reasons, I will only correspond with official LSU Tiger Mail Addresses (no Gmail,
Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).
The final letter grade is based on your performance on two exams, a final, online quizzes and homework. You must work independently on all exams and quizzes.
Grade Breakdown
Exam I



Exam II



Final Exam







Course Total


Grading Scale:
Below 59.4
The exams will covered required readings, lecture materials, and in-class discussions. There will be two non-cumulative in-class midterm exams. Any missed exam will receive a grade of zero. Remedies are possible, but only for University excused absences (see University Policy, PS-22) and only if I have been informed in advance.

Final Exam
The final exam will be cumulative and will cover required readings, lecture materials, and in-class discussions. A missed final exam will receive a grade of zero. Remedies are possible, but only for
University excused absences (see University Policy, PS-22) and only if I have been informed in advance.
A homework assignment will be due each week which covers the