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Financial Plan for my own life

Basic Description
I am 35 years old man, and I have four family members who are my wife, a son, a daughter and me. I earn $3000 a month with extra income. I try to save my money as much as I can. I was born on July 29, 1985 in Seoul South Korea. My grandmother used to take care of me and my younger brother before she passed away because my father and mother had to work all days. My childhood was pretty good without any trouble. I think the reason is that I lived with grandmother. I knew what I had to do and not to do. I tried to make my parents and grandmother feel happy even though I was a little kid. My family was very poor, but I did not even realize it because we were just a happy family.
My home town was very close to the U.S Army’s basement, so I had a lot of chance to meet with U.S Amy since I was a kid. I used to call them “Hello” because when I saw them, they always said “Hello,” even though I did not understand what “Hello” means I think this experience gave me being familiar with Americans.
After I served military service for two years, I decided to go the United States to learn English. English is an international language, and I thought if I cannot speak English I might be far away from global community. At the first time in the United States, I could not speak English at all. I used body languages to communicate with American. I went to language school every day without any absent. I was so struggling with learning English because the language barrier made me timid person.
I thought the best way to learn second language is talking with native speakers as much as I can. Fortunately, I had a chance to work in an elementary school as an assistant teacher. I was trying to speak with elementary school students because their pronunciation was pretty easy to understand for me. After three months, my English was pretty much improved as much as I can express my opinions to them.
My English had improved as time goes until six months. I was supposed to stay in the United States in six months. I had many thoughts about staying there more or going back to Korea. Finally I decided to go to college which was Southern Utah University in Cedar City. I applied to the school, and then I was approved.
Studying abroad was very difficult for me. I thought my English was enough to study with English, but it was not at all. I had to learn academic vocabularies. I could not understand what the professors talked about and what I had to study for. I was so frustrated with my grades and college life with different cultures. I could not get along with native speakers because of different cultures and languages.
I spent a lot of times to overcome these problems. First, I tried to talk first to my class mates. I usually waited them to talk to me first, but it was not helpful to make friends at all. From this effort, I had a few friends to hangout and talk. Second, I visited professors’ office as much as I can. I talked them about my language barrier, and they always gave me some advices how to study and prepare for the tests. From this effort, my grades had been improved. Most of Korean guys have to serve military service for two years. I also served military service as a Korean guy from September 22, 2005 to September 21, 2007. Before I joined the army, I was very shy guy, but I have