Financial Ratio and Investment Banking Analyst Essay

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Bloomberg Project Group 5 FIN 4303

David Castellano
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Pedro de la Fuente Roberto Nicolicchia Professionals across every industry need to keep themselves informed about what’s going on in the market at every moment. Many events occurring in the markets can affect the wide variety of industries available. For example, the fall in oil prices affect the energy sector, airlines sector, financial sector, and many more. Analysts, as well as professionals, need to be informed on where competitors stand in the market, and this can be done through many services that can monitor and analyze real-time market data. One popular service that can meet all these needs is the Bloomberg Terminal. This service is a computer system in which the server runs on a multiprocessor Unix platform and let’s clients connect directly through a router provided by Bloomberg and installed on-site. The Terminal comes with it’s own user-friendly keyboard which was designed for traders and market makers who had no prior experience with computers. The keyboard comes with color-coded keys that come in red, beige, orange, yellow, and green. The ESC key, for example, is color-coded red and is also named CANCEL to catch one’s eye and know that with that key they can stop a task. The ENTER key is named GO and is color-coded green to let the user know that when executing a trade or even inputting data, it’s the key to perform the task wanted. There F1-F12 keys are all color-coded yellow and all provide a specific function within the terminal. The specific functions are: F2 GOVT - government securities, both US Treasury and Non-US.
F3 CORP - allows you to look up corporate debts for specific companies.
F4 MTGE - allows you to search for mortgage securities.
F5 M-MKT - allows you to search within money markets.
F6 MUNI - shows data on municipal debt.
F7 PFD - allows you to search for preferred shares within a company.
F8 EQUITY - looks up the equity for the specific company you are searching.
F9 COMDTY - allows you to look within the commodity markets.
F10 - INDEX - allows you to search within indexes.
F11 - CURNCY - allows you to search within currency markets.
F12 CLIENT - allows you to look for portfolio functionality.

Financial Analysis FA, Bloomberg FA function provides complete financial statement information, as well as valuation and financial ratio analysis. This includes price multiples, turnover analysis, liquidity analysis, profitability analysis, debt ratios, and common size financial statements. Instead of pouring through pages and pages of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), filings, the FA function in a Bloomberg terminal makes it possible for a user to find exactly what they want from a company's data. For long-term investors, fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of any investment decision. Fortunately, the Bloomberg terminal provides access to an extensive library of fundamental data, as well as opinions and research from a wide variety of analysts and news sources. A good place to start is with the financial analysis homepage, accessed by typing <FA> into the Bloomberg terminal. It will immediately redirect the user to a page menu that provides the financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow) as well as a variety of reports that provide ratios and various calculations for a specific company inside the industry you are searching. A merger is often an excellent way for businesses to achieve financial and operational growth. AT&T merger with Direct TV facilitated both companies to obtain financial synergies, and gain market shares. Having access to Bloomberg terminals, a financial analyst will obtain the target's company's financial statements, by using the FA function. By having a quick glance to the company's financial health, the analyst will have a general idea of what the revenues and expenses will look like.

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