Financial Services: Business Plan

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Financial Services
Business Plan


Name: Eric Warren

Address: 11920 Rexmoor Drive Richmond,VA 23236

Phone: (804)332-2157

Date: 12/22/14

Directions to Complete the MassMutual Greater Richmond Financial Business Plan

Entrepreneurship offers many rewards, but you must be prepared and committed. This Business Plan template is designed to help you determine if you are ready to start a career as a Financial Advisor. This plan also helps MassMutual Greater Richmond to get to know you better and determine which areas we can help you grow your business.

Each section is designed to ask you to think about how you would develop your markets and how you will manage the client relationships. It will be entirely up to you to develop projects, organize your time, and follow through on details with your clients. Research indicates that poor planning is responsible for most financial advisors to not meet their goals. Good organization ­of financials, client information, schedules, and marketing ­can help you be successful in your first year at Piedmont Financial.

Before your next meeting, please prepare a business plan based on this template. Please feel free to add sections, change formatting and prepare the document in another file if necessary. This is only a guide meant to help you think about each component of your financial services practice.

Once your business plan and market development inventory are complete, please email them to our Recruiting Coordinator, Sherry Johnson at If for any reason, you have difficulty or questions filling out the business plan template, please don’t hesitate to call us for advice or further guidance.

At MassMutual Greater Richmond, we’re committed to helping you grow your practice through sales skills training and product development. We provide innovative market development tools, state of the art financial analysis software and hands-on coaching and closing technique workshops.

We look forward to helping you develop your plan into a successful financial services practice!

Executive Summary

What should an Executive Summary include?
Your executive summary should be no more than a page or two and it should summarize all the other sections of your business plan. It should include key marketing activities from your plan, as well as brief summaries of other important sections. You should identify your target markets and introduce the message you will be using to market your services.
When should I write an Executive Summary?
It should be the last thing you write in your business plan, even though it's usually the first thing read. Its concise length and summary format will enable our managers to quickly understand what you plan to do with your financial services practice.

Motivation Objectives and Goals

Why do you want to go into the Financial Services business?

A big reason why I want to go into the financial services business, is to make an impact on others by helping them accomplish some of their life goals. As I graduate college and begin my professional career with my first “real life” job, many are looking to end their careers with retirement. I want everyone that I have helped, to feel ready but also excited for what the future entails.

What do you want to achieve with your business (which goals do you want to pursue and what size do you want to attain)?
Be specific and break them down– use detail from overall plan.
Set Specific, Realistic Achievable Goals
The most important thing about starting up a business is being able to offer a service or product that will perpetuate revenue. That being said, I would like to end every business cycle in the green. There is a possibility that the company could end one of the quarters losing money but that has to be made up later before the year is over.
Another thing I want to achieve is to increase the number of clients by 10-15% each year.