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Fundraising a Book Fair / Festival

We are setting up a book fair where we hope to sell books for a nonprofit reason of helping the less fortunate and promote reading. In doing this we need to have financing for all of our dreams to come true. We have succeeded with an advertisement in the paper where we have a buy one get one free book deal for all newspaper subscribers. This will help us double the sales to those buyers. We also took out ads in the local school and college newspapers where we offer some food and drink specials for everyone that turns in a book for us to sale. This will help us with our book numbers for sale. We also have book drop off sites at the schools as well. Here in San Francisco, we have a high number of book enthusiasts who love to read books. There is even a book club called The Book Club of California here in Francisco, whom has offered us a spot on their website as a guest event. They put the book festival on their website for all their members and web traffic to see. This website or organization is also a nonprofit book club kind of like ours with the same mission statement to promote reading and give back to charity. They have decided to help us fund the book fair by donating their time, books and expertise in this area. They also gave their members a 25% discount for buying the books and offered to put some of our books on their website for others to buy and give the entire proceeds to us for free. Going down to San Francisco is a commuter’s nightmare and we need to have traffic control and parking under control so I called the city planners office to check up on permits, licenses and parking permits so that everything was coordinated for this event tomorrow. Everything is in place, ready for tomorrow. With the economy being so bad we don’t want it to make us have a bad turn out so I called the News channel again to see if there were any last minute spots where we could advertise. Advertising on television was a big gamble. I don’t know how well it will reach people or if they’ll see it and show up but I have to try everything to gain the most people to view the books and come see the attractions we have there for them. It is a book carnival where we have different booths set up and games to help sell our books. With the economy the way it is we need everything to go right. The newspaper spot is great but the turn out of the television ads will be our money maker, making us all those valuable dollars for charity while at the same time bringing the community together for a great event that promotes learning. I found out earlier in the week that our radio ads were gaining a lot of support and people wanted to donate their time and money for this community event. They were holding their own book drives alongside of ours and had placed people on corners for donations to the book drive and book festival. This was a huge amount of money when speaking for nonprofit city book sales. It’s going to be big, all of downtown will be closed off and rerouted for our book festival. I hope to see all of you there tomorrow and wish you the very best with the gams and offers. May you find what you’re looking for and remember this is a good thing planned for the community to become a whole and enjoy learning and reading. Enjoy! Our