Finding Good Role Model Essay

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Personal influences is important due to individual is proceed to learning everyday. Some people able to be success in their career and life, but some people unable to focus their career direction and even do not know how to evaluate themself. Terysa M. Shaffer (2010) indicated the successful person successes in career were built by finding good role models by follow everything they did as a guide to the success road. In other words, by finding good role models and learn what they does, it can influence the individual become the next success person.

Normally, as a good role models the personal had certain qualities and characteristics such as honesty, trustworthiness, helpfulness, respect and leadership. These qualities and characteristic will affect the person has good behaviour and attitude to determine the right way to make decisions. In other hand, the person that has bad behaviour and attitude such as lazy, bad emotional, like to cheat people and unmotivated person will cause the negative effect to other. Referring to Earl Spurgin (2012), good role models can redirect and benefit young people toward educating them what should duplicate as good example in order to success in future. Indeed, many successful people are
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Normally, foods that content high nutritional are fruits and vegetables. However, research have identify poor nutritional habits is increase especially among elderly people. This habit definitely will affect elderly people health and it brings the risk for them to get common illness easier such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stoke and diabetes. Consequently, this also will increase the financial impact of health care for this elderly