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Finding Hope I have nights were I am often silent when I am screaming inside. Times like that led me to one place, and one place only. The hospital can be a horrifying situation to be in. Imagine a life full of needles being injected into a person’s arm almost every day, living in a room with bars on the windows, and nurses watching everybody’s actions. There were locks on every cabinet in sight, and the chairs were almost impossible to move, that way when the voices inside took over, nobody could rely on the chairs to cause pain bigger than what was inside them. Anyone would think that through all this agony there would be no good. However, I met the most influential person here. Dave has inspired me in every way possible, for he is very perseverant, hopeful, and trustworthy, also, my life changed completely after meeting him. From this I realized the hospital is nothing but guidance. I believe that character traits are able to change the atmosphere in either a positive way, or a negative way. Most of the time it was negative, only because this place was no vacation. At the inpatient psychiatric unit, it is imperative to have many nurses with commendable attitudes to help patients recover; Dave is one of those people. By being perseverant, hopeful, and trustworthy, he showed me how great life truly is. As a person, he never gives up on anything he puts his mind to. Likewise, he shows that with hard work, great outcomes will follow. Dave’s dedication to his job is unbelievable. In addition to that, he gave me hope that I had once lost, and could not find. Never a single time did he doubt my recovery, which made me strive to fight harder. For me, it is tough to trust people with my biggest secrets, but with Dave it was different. He promised to never ever tell a soul. Therefore, when I was scared and felt alone, I knew I could trust him to help guide me through the darkest days of my life. Without Dave, I would be another person added to the suicide statistics. As I continue on, I am going to try and find the words to explain how Dave has changed my life, and inspired me. Not too long ago, my only escape from life was the sensation of a blade carving into my wrist. When I consumed a