Finding Nemo and Nemo Essay

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OSS Assignment

Farah Ahmedi is a girl who goes from a country where war is in existence. She goes from an Afghani school girl to an American and progresses to be someone living a true “American life.” There are a few different movies that you could compare and contrast to, but the one I am going to choose will be “Finding Nemo.” “Finding Nemo” is a movie where Nemo, the main character, goes from a little clownfish to someone on a big adventure while going through different obstacles along the way. I will be discussing the similarities and differences between “Finding Nemo” and “The Other Side of the Sky” by Farah Ahmedi. In “Finding Nemo,” Nemo is on his way to fish school but gets distracted from a boat that he and his friends see. He swims up to it and is about to touch it when his dad comes and tells him not to. Nemo doesn’t listen to his father and touches the boat. When Nemo was swimming back to his friends, a diver comes and catches Nemo, and that is when his journey starts. In Farah Ahmedi’s book, “The Other Side of the Sky,” Farah wakes up in the morning and looks at her clock, she notices she is late for school. She rushes out of the door and doesn’t see a single person on the streets. She decides to try and take a shortcut to school, but ends up stepping on top of a landmine. Most of her leg is gone. And this is where Farah’s voyage begins. Farah and Nemo’s excursion are very similar because they both go through a rough start from the beginning of their story to the end of it. Each character in their story both go through a series of “tests.” Nemo has to go through being captured by divers, to a tank full of fish, that he becomes really good friends with towards the end. Farah on the other hand has to go to the Afghanistan hospital and get treatment for her leg while she waits and waits until finally Germans come and take her to Germany for better medical help than Afghanistan. Also, as Farah is arriving back in Afghanistan she finds her house along