Findings: Leadership and Team Leader Essay

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Team Leader

Team leaders show direction, instructions and guidance to a group of individuals, Know team member’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Team leader promotes flatter and leaner structures, with less hierarchy. Therefore it is important for a team leader to set a manageable list of priorities for the team to keep members focused. And build confidence amongst members by building and maintaining trust and offering the members responsibilities.


Teamwork is working together and contributing idea in order to achieve organizational goal, makes all team member perform better and produce best result. In a team every member is responsible for success. It is a combination of strengths, covering up the individual weaknesses. When there is brainstorm session to find a solution for a problem, there is high probability of obtaining many different and creative ideas. This effort enables the team to obtain many alternatives and implement the best action plan and assign the tasks to the people involved. Teamwork helps individuals raise their self-esteem.

Group Supports

Team members provide each other with various types of help. Support each other with common experiences and provides each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice. The help take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing in best result in teamwork.


Encourage inputs and suggestions this help in establish a sense of purpose in team