Fine Arts Argumentative Essay

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Between the years of 1992 to 2015, fine arts degrees have become increasingly popular. In fact, in 2009, there was about 12,732 people that went to college for a degree in some form of art (with a margin of error of 54, provided by: This took up about 22.6% of all degrees in 2009. Due to the increasing amount, I believe that Bellmont High School should give more funding to all of the fine arts programs so that students involved in these programs can get the best experience possible before they go to college. One reason that I think that Bellmont should give more funding to the fine arts programs is because of band fees. Band fees consist of: instrument repairs, new heads for snare drums, new heads for bass drums, new heads for quins, and new uniforms for the marching band. Uniforms are the most expensive few out of these items. One uniform …show more content…
They can teach them the appreciation of beauty. A good example of this would be in art, you don’t just want the student at hand to just pass the class, you want that student to strive, and take pride in their artwork. Just like in band, you want the student to take pride in their band, and take pride in the piece that they are playing, especially for the kids in band that want to go to college for a musical education. A second example would be show choir. Show choir can branch off into so many different occupations, such as: actress/actor, professional dancer, play/musical director, show choir director, and so many more careers. The fine arts should receive more funding to ensure that every kid gets an equal opportunity and a fantastic experience in high school so that they know for sure that this is what they want to do, and so that they are prepared for college/other schooling for when they move farther into their