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Fine Dining VS Fast Food
Jameshia T. Lee
Instructor Kathryn Nesheim
English Composition II
March 10, 2015

Fine Dining Vs Fast Food
Around the world there are billions of restaurants. Some are more welcoming then others and some people are nicer than others. There are two major types of restaurants one is fine dining the other is fast food. For most people, it is easy to spot the differences of fast food and fine dining because they are obvious. On average, many people use fast food when they are in a hurry, or just want to grab a quick meal while on the other hand fine dining is more “sophisticated”. (Manansala, 2013) In fast food it is about getting what you want to eat as fast as you can. “With fine dining it is not only the food that matters, the service is equally important.” (Manansala, 2013) While fine dining and fast food restaurants are both about serving you your food as fast as they can sometimes it is more important to make sure you are happy, relaxed and not stressed or angry about anything that has to do with the service. Fine dining restaurants have more of a we are here to serve you manner while fast food joints are more of a we have to get you out as fast as possible manner.
In fast food restaurants you have to order your food at a counter or window and you seat yourself. “When you enter a fine dining restaurant you are usually seated by a Hostess. Once you are seated you will be waited on by either a waitress or waiter.” (YoExpert, 2015) In most fast food restaurants the menu consist of burgers and fries and sometimes chicken or fish. “Fine Dining Restaurants usually have appetizers, wines, beers, or any other type of Alcoholic Beverages.” (YoExpert, 2015) When you eat at a fast food restaurant you get what you pay for. If and when you choose to eat at a fine dining restaurant you sometimes are disappointed in the quantity that you receive. Eating at a fast food restaurant is cheaper and faster than eating at a fine dining restaurant.
Now days you have so many choices for fast food restaurants and even fine dining restaurants. “If you were a businessman on the road in 1928, you might have stopped into Fraunces Tavern in New York City for a home-cooked meal. You could have started with sliced cucumbers for 40 cents, continued with broiled lamb chops for $1.25 and finished the meal with Peach Melba for 60 cents. More than prices have changed in American dining over the last 75 years. A succession of economic, political and technological revolutions nave transformed our gastronomic identity from basic, unimaginative fare to a fantastic infusion of ethnic cultures.” (Kapner, 1994) Today you will not get a meal for least than $3.75 in a fast food restaurant without a coupon. In a fine dining restaurant you want pay less than $12.00. So we can say that as the years go up so do the prices. In some fine dining restaurants they have started adding the tip in with your bill while in fast food restaurants you don’t even have to pay a tip.
Today everyone is interested in food from the poor to the rich. The restaurants in today’s society are serving mostly anyone who has on shoes and a shirt. "Today food is everyone's sovereignty," “said Steve Kaplan, professor of history at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.” (Kapner, 1994) "It's not just for a handful of wealthy people who can afford to dine out at three-star restaurants." (Kapner, 1994) You don’t even have to dress up anymore to attend a fine dining restaurant and eat but if you don’t you get funny looks the whole time you are there. When in a fast food restaurant there is a more casual dress code so when you walk in with jeans and a t-shirt you want feel like people are staring at what you are wearing.
Although burger and fries are the most famous fast food to get at the moment there are more foods coming up and trying to steal the spotlight as of late. “Meat loaf and mashed potatoes may be replacing